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A/N: This was the first time I met Goddess. She made such an impression on me that I had to post about her shortly after our meeting….

In today’s #RandyTales, our hero expands his circles and struggles with a Celine Dion referrence…

One of the good things about being me is that I have been around long enough most people have heard of me. What they have heard is a question I typically chose not to even acknowledge. Odds are it was probably someone saying what an amazing and wonderful person I am. It might be someone who heard something about me or my reputation. Could be some bit of odd gossip. It might be the goat story. May the odds ever be in potential new friends’ favors!

However, it also means I don’t know a lot of people who know of me. And since I am currently in what sportsball people call a “rebuilding season”, I am trying to expand the people I actually know and who know me. Finding people who maybe don’t know about my romantic uncoupling. Plus new friends haven’t heard all my ridiculous stories and experienced bullshit. FRESH MEAT!

I attended some friends’ final pool party of the season. This was a different circle than I usually walked, but still one I was comfortable in. I set out to meet new people. This usually happens in three ways: the intentional meet – where there is someone I want to get to know and I set out to find them; the unintentional meet – like above, but I get to meet them without intention (i.e. accidentally); and the completely random meet. Example of the third – I was getting into the pool:

Friend: “This is Santa.”
Random girl: “Is it okay if I’m Jewish?”
Me: “Fuck yeah. Jewish kids never ask me for anything.”
Random Girl: “What about Jewish Atheist?”
Me: “Even better! You don’t give a shit about anything I bring to the table!”

Unintentional meetings are my favorite as they show the Universe’s “Fuck Around And Find Out” policy. I saw a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a while, gave them a hug, made some lewd comment, and was promptly shut down. She introduced me to her new beau – who was someone that I had heard many wonderful things about yet hadn’t had an opportunity to meet. It was even cooler because he had heard wonderful things about me. It’s always good to meet someone when there is a mutual wonderful things already in the mix.

Unfortunately, there is a down side to meeting people that plays into one of my many weaknesses – I suck at linking names and faces. A unique name – like a well known French Canadian diva – will stand out in my brain. Two gentlemen who look very similar with different names resulted in me calling one by the other’s name. And since I screwed that one up, that unique name was called by a different name related to the the wrong one of the two different guys.

At some point I have to accept that I am just getting old and have done a lot of bad things to my brain. But I did make all the appropriate (and at least one) inappropriate apologizes. I enjoyed getting to know people and also using my other circles to help expand the paths others walk. I know cool people who do cool shit, and I will always strive to make sure that everyone gets a fair shake to show the world how bad ass they can be.

It’s still weird getting and being social. Still a lot of pain and emotional landmines. I’m no longer a half of something, but a whole of something else. What that is I’m still trying to figure it. It will take a while to piece together who I am now (as my therapist repeatedly tells me). I will get there, and along the way I know that my life and my heart will go on…