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#EDCTales – Night 2

In this week’s #EDCTales, our hero does Night 2, praises da booty, looks for midgets, and does some ShittyKitty shit…

As I awoke in the afternoon of Saturday, my body reminded me that I am in fact too old for this shit. I routinely push myself beyond what I should do given my age and how well I haven’t taken care of myself. But – as I like to say – this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. One day down, two more to go. I didn’t hear no bell!

Night 2’s attire was the Santa Ravers last seen at Summer Santa Rampage last year. As we were getting ready, world famous psychic and Ancient Astronaut Theologian, Madame Tsunami, visited us. Tsunami was not attending EDC this year, but wanted to come over and partake in our preparation.

Our drive to EDC was even quicker this time. Castle Snark to the racetrack, parked and inside was under an hour! We even got to take some twilight pictures inside. As we were coming in, we met a gentleman who was selling nitrous. Apparently his company had figured out how to deliver tanks to homes without that pesky “catering license” rule. Apparently, the trick is to bring them from another state. And yes, my dear sweet Degenerates – I did get his card.

Before I get too into the details of the evening, I would like to take a somewhat brief moment (Evan will disagree with my concept of “brief”) to discuss the phenomenon that is “rave booty”. Rave booty is the act of women showing off their butts in revealing outfits. And so not to be accused of being sexist – Rave booty isn’t just limited to women. There were several men rocking the rave booty.

Rave booty doesn’t care about a made up size on a dress, or a number on a scale, or perfect skin, or cellulite. Rave booty exists because IT NEEDS TO BE! It needs to be shown to the world as a a testament to the power of the booty! As a self confessed ass man who finds no more perfect booty that the posterior of his Art Director, I enjoy the show. Not in a sexualized way, but in the fact that this is accepted by everyone. EDC went through a “Instagram” phase where everyone who was going was more about showing off their headdresses and outfits so they could be considered an “influencer”. This has seemingly passed… unlike my festival.

We had a few quests in store for the evening – including seeing a few DJs. But one thing we had to do was go to the Mini Bar. The Mini Bar was a bar that was staffed by little people. I know the “m” word is a “bad word”, but personally I feel “little person” is kinda dickish and perjorative. So we went to find it which we had done the previous night.

Here is the problem with EDC – there are hidden areas that you can only find one way. We had seen several things that when we retraced what we thought were our steps. But they were not where we thought they were. We searched in vain, but sadly did not find the leperchauns at the end of the rainbow.

This quest also distracted us from seeing one of the intented DJs, Vintage Culture. They were playing two sets and we somehow missed both of them. Kind of like that “other festival” there is so much to see and do that sometimes you miss things. And a lack of sobriety doesn’t help…

We did get to our next set – Excision at the BassPod. The BassPod is one of the multiple stages – focused on the harder end of the EDM spectrum. Lots of heavy beats and thumping bass, good for headbanging. And if you are going to see this form of EDM, Excision is the guy who you want to see.

I will admit to some trepidation about going to see this set. The thrashing and headbanging were not my style anymore, but this is about the experiences. I needed to experience this, and Madame Tsunami explained it was a “detox set” meaning it was lower tempo than a usual Excision set.

This was in fact, like detoxing off heroin… there was a lot of thrashing and booming and general painful movement. But I fucking loved it. I was also asked by Madame Tsumani to do something special at the Excision set – one which I gladly did and due to various legal reasons won’t tell you what it was. But it was an amazing show.

We decided to leave relatively early on Night 2. Night 3 was going to be stacked with shows and adventures, plus doing the thing we intended to do that night but didn’t. We got to the car, left through the appropriate exit, and were home before the sun came up. Curled up in bed, we were preparing for the next day of fun, festivities, and survival.

Next – Night 3: Rave Trains, Life Changing Moments, and Mamba Shit – WITH A FUCKING WILD MAMBA!!!