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In today’s #RandyTales, our hero is really going to do it for a third time…

The definition of insanity has been stated as doing the same thing multiple times and expecting different results. As someone with a tenuous grip on sanity, I don’t disagree with the statement. I have invoked it many times over the years. Especially related to the topic of marriage. I tried being a groom twice with less than stellar results.

But when a goddess gets down on one knee and pops the question, insanity is the last thing that comes into your mind.

Yes – she did. And I said “yes”.


The relationship between Goddess & I has been something that came out of left field. It has been hitting me like a two ton heavy thing. Everything has clicked with every step. She fit into all the facets of my life like she has always meant to be there. She sees all my flaws and weaknesses and loves me for them. She loves me the way I DESERVE to be loved.

Of course I said “yes”!

There are a lot of questions that we haven’t answered. Hell, there are questions we haven’t even thought of yet. We’re still not in a rush. You have at least a year to come up with an appropriate outfit… and oh yes, this will be the most ostentatious wedding you have ever seen! And I am sure some reading this will have questions, doubts, and even thoughts. Those are natural when they come from a place of love.

But coming from a place of fear and projection? Well, that will have very different outcomes. I am bringing no trauma or drama into this new thing. Not that I need to protect her from anything – she can handle herself just fine. My Goddess has her own big fucking sword and the power to smite anyone who tries to harm either of us. So tread carefully when you want to say something from any place but love.

We’re leveling up our fuck around and find out game… together!