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#EDCTales – Wrapup

In this week’s final #EDCTales, our hero does that reflection thing he does a lot of about EDC…

“So, you going to EDC next year?” I have been asked this question a lot over the week. Before any of the stories were told, people wanted to know. And I will get to the answer in a bit.

I absolutely loved EDC. I loved the people I met, the music I heard, the things I saw, and the people I shared it with. There were moments when I felt that same vibe I did during the early days of Burning Man. I love seeing all the art and expression of life. And I loved that I got to share this with my little rave zebra.

I didn’t love the amount of walking, but I also look at it as preparing for Burning Man. I didn’t get my $20 corndog, but I did enjoy some $18 carne asada fries and $13 lemonades. I didn’t see all the things, but I doubt anyone could. I didn’t go to all the sets I planned, but I saw some sets that I enjoyed more.

I had heard about the driving in nightmares, but I went out of my way rather than the most direct route (95N to 215E). If I gave advice, I would offer this up. And make sure you have comfortable, broken in shoes.

So – am I doing this again, or was this a one and done? I started all this off by saying I am not a planner. I am not planning on going to EDC next year. Yeah – it will be the 30th anniversary and I am sure THAT is going to be a sight. And I am sure a few people who didn’t go this year are going to read all this and want to go.

But that isn’t to say I won’t go. I have reached that point in this life where things happen because they are supposed to happen. Maybe a wristband will come my way. Maybe I will have the budget to get a couple and offload them later. Maybe someone will see my art car and invite me to bring it out.

Life isn’t just about experiences, but being open to those experiences. I am glad that I opened up for this experience and saw what those “other” festivals had to offer.

But don’t ask about Coachella. I am not that pretty!