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Here’s to Us

In today’s #FraggleTales, our hero finds the right song at the end of the show…

I was asked what Fraggle & I’s song was. You know – a song that you would sing to each other or described your relationship. All couples have had one since probably music was created… probably why music was created.

And I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t think of one single song.

Fraggle was a very musically inclined person. She was a theater kid afterall. I am also musically inclined. I sung in high school choir. I have an internet radio show which gets high marks on my selections of music. I can remember every song from every relationship I have had since I was 13 years old. I have an entire playlist for the Art Director.

I can not think of one song in the 10 years we were together. And that – dear reader – bothers me and set me off.

Her musical tastes went from show tunes to Marilyn Manson. Mine go from Leonard Cohen to Pink Floyd. There were some overlaps that we shared – like RENT. There were songs and musicians that we both liked. There were songs that made us think of the other. And we would share those. But we never had a “song”. One of the things that made our relationship so unique.

I did finally come up a song, but not about our relationship. It was about what happens after… or at least what I hoped would happen. I always wanted to reach that point where we were friends. I wanted to get past the hurt and anger – for both of us – and work together to raise these boys. I always had dreams of being at some future function and being able to look over at her, giving her a kiss on the cheek, and celebrating that we made it. Through all the bullshit we had been dealt, through all the pain we had caused each other – we fucking made it.

So instead – I will do it without her, but still remember her. Raise a glass for what could have been.

Here’s to us, baby.

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