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Ghosts and Stuff

In today’s #RandyTales, our hero attempts to explain why ghosts love Castle Snark…

Castle Snark – my ancestral home since 2018 – is a sanctuary for all who seek comfort & solace here. It is a staging ground for adventure and shenanigans. It is a site where many life choices are made – without judgement, though maybe a bit of guidance. It has served as a healing place. It hosts therapy sessions almost daily. It is waypoint on the journey of so many.

This also applies to dead people. I’m not going to delve too deep into my personal beliefs about what happens after we die. I believe that spirits are energy, and therefore are subject to laws that have been established. Spirits are all around us, and have an existence that is similar, but totally unlike, ours. These spirits are attracted to people, places, pets, and whatever – just like they did when they were alive.

Over the years, Castle Snark has had its fair share of non-corporeal visitors. I don’t have a guest book, but I know when they drop by. So can the dogs. The puppers who live and come to play at Castle Snark see some of those visitors. And I have always relied on the input of dogs.

After a few gatherings here, I started to realize that the energies of people were being left here – be it with clothing or trinkets or art or whatever the hell that is visible under the black light. And those energies were being stored and making my home a beacon for those who were made of more energy than matter.

Ghosts love my Workshop (bedroom)! They are always popping in and visiting loved ones in my bed. But they also congregate in the Garden Room – Nana’s domain. We even had some angry spirit in the kitchen for a while that made going in there an exercise in rage control.

Some of the spirits I recognize. Fraggle is almost always around, laughing every time Goddess gives me crap about something, or being there for her boys in that way she never could while corporeal. My great-grandmother is there, especially when Mamba is around (my Mam-maw would have loved Mamba, like most white women). Dead friends & loved ones of loved ones who have been mourned or shared stories about them.

Some spirits are unknown to me, but they are all here out of love. Some are here for peace, while others are here to protect from whatever nasty things are trying to corrupt this place. And some merely show up because they are hoping to connect or maybe just get a little peace from a place that is built on chaos.

There is a special piece of schwag you receive when coming to Castle Snark. It is the emblem of Castle Snark with a Latin phrase: “Credo quia absurdum” – “I believe because it is absurd”. It is absolutely absurd to think this home has this level of psychic energy. But it does. Real magic happens here. So you better believe in ghost stories, because they believe in you!